so um??? there’s no specific format I’m going to use or some specific content I’m going to write, only what I want to say which is really long so it’s better if it’s a whole paragraph explaining how I feel. since I’ve dated you I’ve never been so full of positive energy. even in the […]

i’ll be there (from him)

when you get the grades you wanted, i’ll be there when you ace your quizzes, i’ll be there when your day doesn’t go the way you want it to, i’ll be there when your teammates bully you or you lose a match, i’ll be there when you’ve seen something on tv that makes your eyes […]

Why I don’t trust in my abilities anymore

I sing. I play the guitar, ukulele and piano (not all equally well, but that’s not the point), I write, I song-write, I play basketball, I run, I debate. But I don’t have faith in my abilities. I may agree that I am pathetically average at all the things mentioned. And that’s as far I’m […]